Max Brown was studying abroad in Asia when he got the wise idea to start his own online business. Although some deemed his ambition as foolish, Y2K was right around the corner, Max knew that he had something to offer the general public.

As a boy, Brown and his older brother, James, would hold bets among the neighborhood kids. Although the wagers were simple, the excitement of mystery overtook Max. “You never know who may win,” he once told his brother. “It’s always anyone’s game,” Max exclaimed. Of course, the youngster later found out that his brother had tricks up his sleeve that placed some more in favor of the odds than others. Max vowed to never practice such deceit when he opened his casino.

Ten years later, as he pondered the future in his dorm room, Max thought of his childhood ambition. “A casino,” he said, “an online casino.” The idea was definitely not popular. The only online gambling opportunities available were usually scams. The ones that were legit had such poor representation that they soon went out of business. It was then that Max had a revelation of some sort: “I’ll take my passion and use it to represent online gambling casinos!”

Brown launched Pan Asia in 2000 as soon as he returned to the United States. He began the work alone but soon got a team of his closest friends together to move the company forward. Jan, a classmate, took charge of the website’s design. Jeremy got on the phones and started bringing in sales. Melissa put her communication skills to good use as a¬†spokesperson for clients. Everything was coming together and then came social media.

In an effort to remain relevant, Max added Dawn to the team. As a college student, Dawn was able to take full control of social media marketing. After all, she spent the majority of her days on Facebook and Twitter anyway.

With the team now more than 200 strong, there is nothing that Pan Asia cannot do for its clients. Our connections have more than doubled these past few years and our innovativeness is not slowing down anytime soon. We are determined to see the art of marketing for online gaming through to the end.

In the future, we plan to expand our offices to Los Angeles and New York. We are currently based in Las Vegas and are more than ready to grow with the tides. We believe that expanding into major cities like Los Angeles and New York will give us a more professional appeal and attract more clientele. We also plan to expand our horizon beyond online casinos and service gaming companies with brick and mortar locations. We understand that infiltrating the traditional gambling sector is a bit more challenging, but we are more than ready for the next level.

We are doing big things at Pan Asia and would love for you to be a part of the movement. Fill out a consultation form today to learn more about our company.