Pan Asia is focussing on viral posts more often, since the requests for viral projects o are getting more often nowadays. In order to stand out, getting viral is your one and only answer when it comes to popularity. But how can you create a post with the intention of going viral? You just can’t predict the internet or even your audience, because the response will always be different. How can our viral department at Pan Asia expect a certain post to go viral? Let me tell you a little secret: we always apply 4 of our key factors during the development of the content. When those factors are combined, there is a big chance the post will actually go viral. Interested in finding out more about the 4 factors? In this article we highlight all of them.

Emotional Connection

Make sure to make a big statement by creating an emotional post. This could be used on any kind of emotion. There are different emotions available which you can apply in to the meaning of your content: joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, anticipation, anger and disgust. People should get touched by the content, either in a positive or negative way. Marketing is marketing and when you are getting viral there is no difference between good or bad publicity. Emotion is what people take to action and that is the most important factor which you can use to set a clear base.

Sharing By Audience

It’s very important to create content which is very shareable by the audience. In order to that, you should think of ways how you can increase the sharing activities. Oranje casino for example, made a post with a really nice deal. In order to get the deal, the audience needed to share the post before they would actually receive it. A lot of people started to share the post, which made it viral. It can be really easy to come up with sharing ideas if you are just being creative. Consider this: a post can’t go viral if people haven’t shared the content.

Post Timing

Always post new content in certain hours in the early morning and afternoon, when everybody finished their jobs. You also have to consider create content for special days, events or viral news in order to get viral too. By using content you can actually reply on news items, recent activities or important headlines. When there is something big happening, try to make use of the situation by creating something that is catchy enough to get noticed.

The Use Of Influencers

Influencers are very popular and have a wide range of followers. When your company would like to go viral, mention a powerful influencer in your content. They will notice the notification and can give you a heads up. Influencers have the power to either break you or lift you to the next level. This could be dangerous to your reputation, but if you are careful enough this could be a very helpful tool to get viral.