Mr. Green

Desperate to keep up with the times, the executives of Mr. Green came to us in need of SEO and viral marketing. They wanted to make their services more appealing to a younger crowd but did not want to lose the loyal customer base who had supported them for many years. We stepped in and brought Mr. Green into the twenty-first century.

Our social media marketing department got the company on every social page. More than 2,000 followers were credited to Mr. Green on Facebook within an hour. We also rendered our viral marketing services that brought even more customers to the site. In the end, Mr. Green was overwhelmed with new clientele. The executives were very pleased with our work.

BGO Casino

Who doesn’t visit BGO Casino for a game or two? The company is pretty popular now, but they were not always the talk of the town. During the company’s beginning stages, BGO  was a small company that few people knew existed. Although they had all of the right games, no one was aware of their services.

We came in and spread awareness about BGO Casino with our SEO package. We made certain that the company had the right keywords so that they would rise to the top in searches. There was also a bit of viral marketing involved as we crafted trending articles every week. Later on down the road, BGO solicited our services for online reputation. They are now thriving and setting the standard for other to follow.


After having a stint of bad luck with the press, Unibet was looking redemption. The company needed to restore the public’s trust in its establishment and sought our services to help.

We began by addressing the incident that led to Unibet’s fall. Fortunately for them, the accusations were false. The public, however, believed the lie that the media published. In an effort to move past the trouble, we suggested rebuilding community relations. Unibet agreed and hosted a number of free nights that allowed players to win cash without contributing money to the collection. We promoted the good deed and the end result was Unibet having more customers than it had before allegations came their way. The executives of the company sent personal notes of gratitude for the hard work and dedication that our team put into making Unibet great again.


Tradition ran the show at WilliamHill and the numbers told the story. The company was losing customers everyday and new clientele seldom passed through. In a desperate plea to turn things around, the executives sought out our SEO and social media marketing services.

We began with a consultation. The executives expressed their desire to maintain the fabric of the company, which was tradition. Although obliging, we did not hesitate to bring our modern approach to the table. In the end, our experts were able to come to a consensus. WilliamHill now has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page along with keywords that place them on the first page of Google searches.

WilliamHill was a special case since the executives were not completely open to all of our suggestions. We went to the drawing board five times before an initial plan was established. Refining the agenda took months of communication and dedication on both our and the company’s part. In the end, we were able to satisfy the client and they vowed to recommend us to other online gambling corporations in their network.